Time flies when you’re having fun…

It’s true what they say; Time flies when you’re having fun. And make no mistake; filmmaking and video production is a heap of fun.

With the next generation of budding filmmakers recently graduated, it suddenly struck me that I started university ten years ago this year. For ten years I’ve been having fun learning my craft, making mistakes, dusting myself off and working at being a better filmmaker. And in that time I am amazed at how much video production has changed, particularly with regard to the accessibility to cinematic production values.

Event – Come and see the difference for yourself…

We have Simeon Quarrie from Vivida and Sam Smith from Canon here to help you find out everything you could want to know and more about the C300 Mk II.

Unlike a regular product demonstration, here you will get the opportunity to test the ins and outs of the Canon C300 MkII like never before.

We will have a bar set up as a ‘subject’ for filming, mixing up some cocktails and drinks, where we will be testing out the C300Vs. the C300 Mk II.

‘Come Fly with Me’ – past event at CVP!

There has been a huge rise in the level of demand for aerial cinematography over the past year, so why shouldn’t you be able to try out the range of aerial products sold at CVP before you buy one?

So at CVP we held three ‘Come Fly with Me’ events allowing demo’s of the DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1!

The events comprised of a talk by Philip Bloom about how he used his DJI products when filming ‘The Wonderlist’ along with Phoenix UAV there to answer any questions about aerial training and certification.

Getting Inspired..

Where does the DJI Inspire 1 fit in a fleet of professional helicams?

Every time a new piece of technology is introduced to the film making world there seems to be a balanced mixture of excitement and sighs. The optimists are excited to see the evolution, however the pessimistic sighs often question the application of use and more often than not raise concerns that the old kit is redundant.

At Out Filming we started dabbling with drones in 2010 and certainly went through a lot of pain in the early days. Getting a camera airborne was the easy part, however chasing the Elysium of stable images was another story. Fast forward to 2015 and many of the issues we faced will never plague the new user.

Zacuto Gratical Electronic Viewfinders: HD vs. X

A universal, high quality EVF that embraces modern technology and frees filmmakers to focus on Innovation, Inspiration and Creativity. That was our goal when we set out to create a new electronic viewfinder over three years ago. And now the Gratical HD and Gratical X EVFs are here! Electronic viewfinders are a pivotal tool in any filmmakers bag, providing accessibility, stability, focusability and so much more. The Gratical EVF is universal for all cameras incorporating both HDMI and SDI. Our bright, brilliant optics, FPGA dual core processor, and professional software features give you all the tools you need to stop focusing on your equipment and start creating!

‘A mustang, a road trip, a ghost town & the A7s’

I am beginning a journey in pursuit of the perfect DSLR and whilst on this journey I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel around the world testing out numerous different cameras before I decide which one is for me. With a passion for travel it is only right that I have developed a strong interest in photography, working in the broadcasting industry has fed my curiosity and desire to capture all the wonderful places I’ve travelled to. As a ‘newbie’ in the world of using professional DSLR’s in terms of finding the camera that’s right for my needs, and myself I really am starting this journey from the very beginning.

Interested in Reviewing Camera Gear? Zena Toscani gives you the need to know!

As a gear focused magazine aimed at professional filmmakers we’re inundated with requests from videographers wanting to get in on the action of reviewing the latest equipment here at Pro Moviemaker. We regularly take filmmakers up on their offers because we want to be as thorough as possible with our reviews and let our readers know whether a product does (or doesn’t work) in a live shoot environment. We’re always looking to expand our bank of trusty reviewers so if you’d like to get your hands on some of the latest kit before anyone else, here’s some advice to help your next pitch to a blog or magazine.

Canon 16-35 f4L IS Review by David Clapp

If you’re a full frame Canon user you need to sell your wide angles and buy one. There you go I said it. If you’re busy right now and don’t have time to read the rest of this article (until later I hope!), here’s the urgent message I need to convey – the Canon 16-35 f4L IS is absolutely remarkable and yes, it’s a complete game changer… and here’s why.

I am a self-confessed wide-angle junkie and have been for many years. Originally my wider angled approach started as many landscape photographers do, by placing a ‘rock in foreground’ and shooting a coastal scene at f11.