Tom Barnes

tom barnes 1“I’m obsessed with photography, have been since I first got my hands on a camera at the age of 5. It’s the fascination of trying to capture something as I see it that intrigues me the most. I started teaching myself at 14 after saving money from paper rounds and odd jobs to afford old tutorial books from charity shops, I then put what I read to the test though years of trial and error on my dads old film cameras.

Still self taught I’ve never assisted or formally trained, I’ve continued to learn and take inspiration from every day life. I love my job and I’m still fascinated by the clunks or whirrs of cameras and really enjoy getting to meet such a varied group of subjects, from politicians to ballet dancers and motorcycle club members to rock stars it’s all in a days work – I just want to take great pictures of interesting people and enjoy myself whilst it happens.

That’s my philosophy, create great work for amazing clients, meet as many different people as I can and enjoy myself.”

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CVP_171014_171014_1129Above is a photo taken by Tom Barnes for a Christmas photoshoot done for CVP as part of their ‘Christmas Unwrapped 2014’ campaign.