Simeon Quarrie

simeon 1Simeon is well known for heading VIVIDA

Vivida is a company that places their importance on telling a story, their videos are highly visual and attention grabbing. They truly create. Simeon doesn’t just capture video, that is just the medium, it’s when you take his vision couple with the ability to leverage the universal power of visual storytelling that enables the creation of memorable films.

We embrace change but some things will always remain constant. Whether we’re filming in New York or Mumbai, Mombasa or Geneva, Toronto or Rome, one thing never changes, our role as visual storyteller. Wherever the location and whatever your story, our challenge is to make your audience laugh, to reflect and think, move and challenge them; to elicit a response, start a debate and inspire people to action.

VIVIDA is proud of its association with and status as a Brand Ambassador for Canon. Their partnership is borne out of mutual respect and understanding, integrity, creative collaboration and a feeling of shared values and aspirations.

Alongside capturing video Simeon also documents stories through photography and behind the scenes video’s at shoots.

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