Richard Forne

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Richard Forne is a freelance director and filmmaker working within the action sports industry.

He is 29 years old, and originally from the UK, however he now currently living in Berlin.

He is well known within the BMX circle and uses an alternative style of video.

“When filming extreme sports an important thing to consider is that you have to be light on equipment as you get into a lot of situations where either you need to to set up quickly or pack up quickly but your also trying to make something that looks a bit more professional in a non-professional environment.”

Richard has just begun filming for two major projects, one for Monster Energy and another Nike where he shall be travelling to multiple countries over the next three months. For this project Richard was looking for a camera capable of shooting 4K 50p which he could work with in full manual and decided on the Sony PXW-X200 – we can’t wait to see what Richard thinks of the camera when he gets back and his full review!

Watch ÉCLAT EN CHILE, filmed and edited by Richard Forne

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