CVP Supports Remote Live Production With Panasonic PTZ Cameras

With a plentiful stock of Panasonic PTZ cameras, CVP is equipped to provide remote options for productions with a wide range of budgetary and creative demands

The pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera system is becoming an increasingly sought-after tool on a wide variety of productions. For broadcasters, conference and live event video streamers, remote learning educators and more, they are invaluable for their versatility and operability.

These cameras bring groundbreaking reality TV shows to our living rooms, take us closer to the action at sport and concert stadiums, and deliver the latest news from broadcast and corporate studios. Panasonic’s extensive range of PTZs are among the very best, which is why we’re proud to stock a host of unique options.

High-End PTZ Cameras

Productions of the largest scale require an advanced set of tools. Within our stock of Panasonic PTZ cameras, a few stand out for their exceptional feature set and serve as the ideal choice for challenging workflows.

Take the Panasonic AW-HR140, for example. Its baseline features include a 20x optical zoom range covering 4.5-90mm, as well as an f/1.6 aperture for low-light conditions, and shooting in Full HD up to 50p – but there’s much more going on here.

The weatherproof (IP65) case houses 1/2.86-type Full HD 3MOS sensors, delivering outstanding image quality, high sensitivity and an impressive signal-to-noise ratio. Flexible connectivity comes by way of two 3G-SDI outputs. Up to 100 AW-HR140 cameras can be controlled by the AW-RP120G/RP50 remote switching hub, and a single unit can be manned by up to five individuals via IP connection. Coverage can also be determined in advance, with a memory capable of holding up to 100 preset positions.

Other future-proof options include the Panasonic AW-UE150 and AW-UE100. The former ups resolution to 4K at 60p and offers a versatile 8.8-176mm focal length range, for all manner of use cases. A wide 75.1° angle of view is extended greatly with 20x optical zoom. AW-UE150 also features 12G-SDI, HDMI, optical fibre and IP connectivity, designed to facilitate virtually any preferred means of control.

Panasonic AW-UE100 expands the optical zoom range further than many PTZs, at 24x. While the camera does boast 4K/60p quality and an f/1.8 aperture, connectivity is the real draw. Transmission latency is kept impressively low through NDI, NDI HX and SRT protocols, and 12G-SDI output is also supported.

Budget-Friendly PTZ Cameras

There are countless reasons to source kit on a lower budget, but that doesn’t mean functionality should be drastically reduced. Starting at £903.95 (ex. VAT), we provide a number of quality choices.

Panasonic AW-UE4 streamlines usability with PoE supply support alongside USB interface, realising a single-cable solution for transmission, control and powering. Exceptionally compact, the camera can be mounted with ease in otherwise challenging locations, offering a wide-angle 111° field of view. Extending away from the wide end of the focal length range, 40x optical zoom retains all the digital quality of the 4K/30p image. Livestreaming needs are met via Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

For greater connectivity in an entry-level camera, we need only look as far as Panasonic AW-HE20K. Designed predominantly for smaller spaces, the camera’s 12x optical zoom covers a focal length range of 3.9-46.8mm, delivering superb quality with Full HD recording. AW-HE20K remains flexible in set-up and operation through SDI, HDMI, USB and IP connectivity. Control the system from a PC or dedicated controller, and manage multiple cameras from one source.

We’ve explored just a few of our popular options within this blog, but be sure to explore the full Panasonic PTZ range here. Our experts are always happy to help support your specific needs. 

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