Quick Kit May 2023

Take a quick look at the brand new RED Komodo X cine camera,


This is RED’s latest Cinema Camera, the KOMODO-X. It features a 6K global shutter sensor capable of capturing 6K up to 80, 4K up to 120 and 2K up to 240 fps all in a 17:9 aspect ratio in 16-bit RAW! It shares a very similar body to the KOMODO but is roughly 19mm longer to help house some of the awesome new features! Such as a range of updated inputs and outputs, integrated Mini V-Mount plate, locking RF mount and it now uses CFExpress Type B media! It’s available to pre-order now on our website and we recently got our hands on one to shoot and test, so make sure to check out the video on our YouTube Channel if you want to learn more and see more of what this awesome camera can do!

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