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Sony Cinema Line FX6 | First Look

2020 has been an amazing year for new products; it really is an incredible time to be a filmmaker! 

Sony has already treated us to one of our favourite cameras this year, the A7S III, however we have now taken a look at their latest camera and think this may actually be a little bit more exciting… introducing the FX6

We got our hands on the FX6 a couple of months ago at Sony’s office in Pinewood Studios and our full review will be coming out soon, so make sure you’re subscribed on Youtube to catch that! 

First Impressions

On paper the FX6 looks to be one of the most interesting cameras of the year. It is compact, lightweight, has all the creature comforts that come with a Sony FS or FX camera and if the image quality of the A7SIII is anything to go by, is going to have solid dynamic range, improved colour rendition and amazing low light performance.

Sony have positioned the FX6 into their new Cinema Line with the VENICE and FX9 however, the FX6 also features as part of the Alpha line up, (as you can see from its branding) and it’s the first step in Sony’s plan to produce more video orientated products under the Alpha line.

When the FS5 originally came out back in 2015, and the updated mark II version in 2018, they brought some awesome features to a great little camera. However, in 2020, the FS5 has started to show its age, it is still a fantastic camera from a usability standpoint but sensor technology has come a long way over the past few years and the market is full of more modern options. 

The introduction of the FX6 takes everything people loved from the FS5 MKII and turns the dials up! 

The FX6 really does deliver as a Full Frame professional camcorder seamlessly adapting to any style of shooting without compromising on video quality, recording 4K full frame at up to 120p with excellent low light capabilities (ISO expandable to 409,800) and wide dynamic range. 

As part of the newly developed Cinema line, it includes S-CINETONE picture profiles, fast and accurate Autofocus technology including Real-time Eye Autofocus and a unique Variable ND filter to maintain a cinematic look. 

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As always, we would love to hear your thoughts; our interactive discussion, first impressions and a Q&A on the highly anticipated Sony Cinema Line FX6 camera is on Wednesday 18th November at 10:00 GMT, join here watch again on FaceBook… and of course watch our review video!

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