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Blind Spot Power Junkie, the Best Way to Power Mirrorless Cameras?

DSLR and Mirrorless cameras are a staple of the filmmaking community. Everyone from beginners to professional owner ops use them for their decent image quality, form factor and price point. But one issue that many people run into is battery life.

With these smaller cameras becoming beefier when it comes to image quality and internal codecs so does their power consumption. One thing that hasn’t beefed up is the batteries and now you have cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K which pretty much require an external power source if you don’t want to be changing batteries every 20 minutes!

This is why the Power Junkie exists. The Power Junkie is a power distribution plate made by the UK based company Blind Spot Gear, that uses Sony’s incredibly popular NP-F or L series battery to provide power for a range of dslrs or mirrorless cameras.

The NP-F style of battery is an industry standard at this point and I’m sure if you are into video that you have a couple lying about!

It can provide 7.2v for these cameras using one of Power Junkies 2.5mm barrel to dummy battery cables which you can get in Canon LP-E6 used in cameras like the 5D Mark IV or BMPCC4K, Sony NP-FZ100 used on the A7 Mark III, Sony NP-FW50 used in the A7S Mark II or A6500 or Panasonic’s DMW-BLF1E used in the GH5 series.

It also has two 5v USB Ports which you can use as a regular powerbank with any USB accessories you may want to use or even your phone when it runs out while out in the field.

It has several mounting options due to the ¼ thread on the bottom and zip tie slot so you will be able to fit it onto any rig no matter the form factor.

It’s also made from Carbon Fibre which makes it extremely rugged and light so when rigging it will not add much weight. You can also charge your NP-F batteries by plugging the power junkie into a USB wall adapter using either the USB-C or Micro port on the side for easy recharging.

Overall the Power Junkie is a well thought out power distribution plate for Mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Its well built, well thought out and a match made in heaven for A7S II and BMPCC4K users.

Head over to our YouTube channel to watch our overview video on the Power Junkie. 

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