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Atomos Announce Shinobi – a 5 inch 4K HDMI HDR Photo & Video Monitor

Introducing the latest monitor from Atomos, Shinobi, announced today, is a 5 inch 4K HDMI HDR photo and video monitor. The Atomos Shinobi is designed specifically for monitoring and is aimed at vloggers, creatives and photographers.

Shinobi features a ‘run all day’ single battery, 1000nit high brightness 1920 x 1080 screen, HDR capability, selfie Mirror Mode for vloggers and a new multi-tool analysis view. Weighing only 196g, Shinobi becomes one of the lightest monitors on the market with a 4K input. The 5 inch 10-bit HDR or SDR display features an anti-reflection screen with AR coating and anti-fingerprint technology, making it easy to see the image clearly.


  • 5″ 10-bit HDR or SDR display 1000nit
  • Realtime LUTs preview for 3D LUTs and Log to HDR viewing
  • Lightweight at just 196g / 7oz and 1″ thin
  • Exposure tools – histogram, waveform, false colour & Zebras
  • Focus peaking, Zoom 4:1, 2:1, 3:1
  • Calibrated Screen
  • Long Battery Run time

Atomos Shinobi features the AtomOS 10 platform and monitoring tools for focus, framing and exposure, including focus peaking, 4:1/2:1/1:1 zoom, zebra, false colour, frame guides, SMPTE safe area, waveform, RGB parade, vectorscope, flexible 3D and 1D LUT, profile and preset support and the new multi-tool analysis view feature which allows you to simultaneously see what you are shooting, view a waveform, histogram and vectorscape, providing complete control of the image.

The screen displays 10+ stops of dynamic range in realtime from Log/PQ/HLG signals. Combined with unique HDR monitoring features, the Shinobi simplifies the shooting of Log and HDR. With Shinobi you are also able to load up to 8 custom LUTs via the SD Card slot, instantly and easily switching between them.

For mounting Atomos have added 1/4″-20 screw mounts to the top and bottom of the Shinobi and centered the battery to make balancing easier. What keeps the Shinobi lightweight is the use of Polycarbonate ABS opposed to the aluminium alloy used for the Ninja V and also only having to power a monitor means a longer battery life.

Ultimately the Atomos Shinobi brings the Ninja V experience to a more affordable price point, without the recorder built in.

Take a look at our Atomos Shinobi Overview video on our YouTube.

The Atomos Shinobi is in stock and available to order from CVP now for £339, making it one of the most affordable HDR monitors available.

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