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Sony VENICE V3.0 Firmware Update Announced

Prior to BSC, Sony announced the release of their long awaited V3.0 firmware update for the Sony VENICE, with details for a V4.0 update later in the year too. The new firmware updates will increase the flexibility of the VENICE with many new features as listed below, the V3.0 firmware update will also be essential for those awaiting the new “Rialto” Extension System due for release towards the end of February / beginning of March. The VENICE Extension System enables cabled separation of the VENICE camera body and image sensor block by up to 5.5m with no degradation in image quality.

V3.0 Firmware features

  • Additional Sensor modes – 5.6K 16:9 / 6K 2.39:1
  • X-OCN XT Support
  • 47.952 project frame ratewith 4K 4:3 and 4K 17:9
  • Additional Parallel Recording options – XAVC 4K/QFHD & Apple ProRes (Proxy only) / RAW/X-OCN & XAVC 4K/QFHD
  • Cache Rec. (AXS, SxS) – up to 8sec in 6K 3:2 with X-OCN ST /up to 30sec in Super35 with X-OCN ST
  • AXS Relay recording
  • Additional De-squeeze ratios for anamorphic lenses – x1.25, x1.3, x1.5, x1.8
  • .cld file import
  • 6G/12G-SDI Output
  • 4K SDI output during RAW&HD Video simul recording
  • VENICE VF function control in EL200
  • SxS XDROOT Folder and Volume name changing to CamID+Reel
  • Configurable False Colour Settings for VF and HD Monitor
  • False Colour (via SDI Monitor)
  • 2:1 Frame Line preset
  • 12-pin lens remote
  • Wireless LAN control (via CBK-WA02)
  • Wired LAN control (Full Menu)

The V4.0 firmware update, due for release June 2019, will offer an optional HFR (High Frame Rate) upgrade license with shooting capabilities of up to 120fps at 4K 2.39:1, 60fps at 6K 3:2, 110fps at 4K 17:9, and 75fps at 4K 4:3 anamorphic.

V4.0 Firmware Features

  • HFR Support via optional license – 6K (3:2) – 60fps / 4K (2.39:1) – 120fps / 4K (17:9) – 110fps / 4K (4:3) –  75fps (updated information)
  • Support of S700 protocol
  • Support of Cooke/i3 and Zeiss eXtended Data protocols
  • Pure progressive 25p and 29p output via SDI out
  • Selectable functions for Assign Buttons of the DVF-EL200
  • Extended Mask & Line Settings

CVP will be hosting a VENICE V3.0 Firmware Update session at our Newman Street facility on Thursday 21st February 2019 with an opportunity to get hands on with the VENICE and the latest V3.0 firmware update. You will learn and gain an understanding of the features and benefits of the VENICE camera, get to know the menu system and have all your questions answered by our experts and CVP’s technical consultants who will also be on hand.

There will be three two hour sessions to choose from throughout the day 10am-12pm, 1pm-3pm or 3pm-5pm, with a one hour presentation and one hour hands on time with the VENICE. If you are interested in attending please register on our event page for the session which is convenient for you.

We hope to see you there.

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