GlobalFilter – Universal Screw in filter that removes Rolling Shutter!

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Today (Friday 1st April 2016) GlobalFilter GmbH have announced a brand new filter that can be added to almost any existing lens and entirety remove rolling shutter artefacts! Say goodbye to rolling shutter – now a thing of the past!

Kashikura Takashi  product specialist at GlobalFilters GmbH, said “After many years of research and development we have now been able to overcome one of the last great hurdles of CMOS technology and remove rolling shutter attracts completely*”.

The filter also removes, Partial Exposure issues and temporal aliasing also a common problem with CMOS. The filter will work with both mechanical and electronic CMOS sensors.

When asked about the science behind the new filter, Takaski replied, “We have lots of time invested in this product and much of it still under patent. So I can only discuss briefly that the filter works by capturing the photons and briefly holding them before discarding at the exact time of the readout onto the CMOS chip. Thus producing a single instance of capture.”



He went on to say “We hope that soon we will work with Camera and sensor manufactures to develop our new technology in conjunction with new cameras, this is a new era for Camera technology and the way we can capture video.”

The filters can be fitted to fixed lens camcorders, meaning that the compromise between CCD and CMOS or Global Shutter is now a thing of the past, this solution can be fitted to any camera, in essence the term ‘one size fits all’ can be applied here with ‘one filter fits all’.

Currently this new filter will only be able to cover up to Super35 or APS-C Size sensors. “We tried hard to be able to bring this technology to the full frame market, but at this moment we are only able to offer up to Super35 size, but with better computer modelling and further investment, this is our goal of the future. Takaski said.

Each filter comes pre-calibrated per shutter exposure time of 1/48 sec, this can then be calibrated based on the frame rate and shutter speed the camera has been set for. This is done using a the included USB docking station and a Windows computer, with a Mac option planned for release by Q4 2016.

The hardest part of developing this filter was producing without it affecting loss of light, and not affecting the colour contrast or polarisation of the image. These were the greatest challenges we had to overcome Takaski added.

Upon release the available size are 114mm, 82mm, 72mm, 58mm and 52mm. Along with later in the year the arrival of  4 x 4”  4 x 5.6” for matte boxes

*The readout speed of the CMOS Sensor can affect the ability to remove the artefacts completely , GlobalFilters will plan to implement a comprehensive list of fully compatible cameras.

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That is just awesome!
Finally!!! I will me able to shoot those rainbow coloured unicorns in the park without rolling shutter effect ruining my footage quality!
Happy April 1st! CVP people!

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