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DitoGear T’Rantula GO – Is it the right piece of kit for me?

Camera movement is naturally a major component of moving picture. As a creative like you, I am always interested in how movement of the camera will help drive story, add drama or inform an audience. Some movements are real time and immediate, like when I am using my Movi or Zacuto Recoil. Other cameras like […]

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Audio is 50% of your film…

  Has anyone ever said how important audio is when if comes to video? “Audio is 50% of your film” is the second most tediously repeated phrase you hear after “The best camera is the one you have on you…” and yes, quite often it is me saying it! We all know DSLRs generally have […]

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So, you’ve bought your colour chart… Now what?!

Colour charts are a huge help on any shoot. In a world of ever changing cameras, sensors, colour spaces and gamma curves, the humble colour chart is a talisman of consistency and reliability. It’s whole reason for existing is to stay the same, to never change and, therefore, to always give you a definitive reference […]