20 Things you should know about the Panasonic VariCam LT…

Varicam LT 2

Today we were able to get all handsy with the Panasonic VariCam LT, not long after it was announced on the 11th February and first shown at BVE last week…

To begin with here’s 20 things you should know about it;

  1. EF & PL mount
  2. Dual ISO 800/5000
  3. Super 35 chip same as V35
  4. VariCam legendary skin tones and filmic look
  5. FTP dongle
  6. 2.7kg body only
  7. Pre-Roll/Cache
  8. Drama Fan (silent when recording)
  9. 2020 colour space
  10. HDR ready dynamic range
  11. Resolution 4K, UHD, 2K, HD
  12. Frame rates-4K 60p, HD 240p
  13. High sensitivity
  14. 14+ stops
  15. ProRes 4444
  16. Master, Daily & Proxy recording all at the same time
  17. Underwater housing being developed
  18. B4 connector for 2/3 lens operation
  19. Remove able IR filter
  20. Grip for lens control

2-01927 Above; The Panasonic VariCam 35 on the left and on the right is the VariCam LT

We asked Nigel Wilkes, Group Manager at Panasonic ProAV UK about where the need to produce the VariCam LT came from, why did they feel the need for it?

“After 2 years of development working directly with our end users Panasonic re-launched VariCam in October 2014, DOP’s have been very happy with the choice of camcorders available, but they have welcomed something new, and the VariCam has given them the option to enjoy the legendary filmic look and natural skin tones.  The drama world needed some extras to make the VariCam “drama ready”, and we were given 24 hours to stop the fan when recording.  The factory delivered by the following day, which shows the industry how serious Panasonic are in supporting our customers.  We then made the decision to design the Varicam LT, and we felt the best way to do this, would be to talk to our customers (ACO, BSC, GTC, Broadcasters etc).  There were two things that kept coming up….keep the V35 block, changeable lens mounts, less weight and smaller.  What you see today, is the result of those conversations.  The VariCam Lt reaches out to a wider market and supplies the industry with a more cost effective solution, but shooting with the best technology available.”

Shot on VariCam LT: “To Each His Dulcinea” from Cinema VariCam™ on Vimeo.


Footage from the VariCam LT in HD shown on the Sony Trimaster BVM-X300

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