PXW-X200 Footage!

richard forne screen grab 2

Just over two months ago we began the quest to find Richard Forne the perfect camera for him..

After having discussed quite a few options and finding out the things which Richard needed – he was finding it hard to choose one as there are so many great cameras around at the moment, comparing himself to a ‘kid in a candy shop’

One of the cameras that were up for consideration was the Panasonic HC X1000 – this was based on its ability to shoot 4K 50p but when Richard got his hands on it he found it wasn’t practical for his needs.

The main reason it’s impractical for me is because it seems to have a built in ramp on the aperture of the lens. A lot of my shots are done with zoom so when i see the ramping of light during a shot it makes it look like I have filmed the shot in Auto which is something i never do. For the work I do I need a completely manual camera.

And so we decided on the Sony PXW-X200, however we had to take into account the need for a Sony SBAC-US30 reader as the camera has its own media cards.

In a few weeks Richard is going to test out the Panasonic AG-DVX200 – we can’t wait to hear how he thinks this compares with the PXW-X200 he is currently trying out!

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