Sony Announces the PXW-FS5 at IBC 2015


Sony have been teasing us over the past few days by releasing an image suggesting a new item to the Sony line up, on the 8th September they announced it would be called the FS5, and today we finally got a chance to meet it..


Weighing in at a remarkable 0.8kg (body only) this camera is less than half of the FS7! We met up with Darren Thompson-Allott from Sony who answered all of our questions on this great new addition to the Sony Family.

So you may be wondering who this camera is targeted at, as it is being coined as the ‘baby’ FS7, but is considerably larger than the A7s, who would buy this? Sony believe this to be perfect for the Corporate Videographer, they also say this would fit into many other scenarios due to its cleverly devised size, at CVP we believe this could be a great choice for Wedding Videography; lightweight, discreet and professional.

As it is being so closely compared to the FS7 we we wondering; what doesn’t this camera have that the FS7 does? Although the FS5 uses the same sensor as the FS7 the process behind this camera is different, there is no mpeg2 50mbps.


You can’t change the viewfinder on the FS5, something which many will find a disadvantage of this camera compared with the FS7.

Another difference between this and the FS7 is that the FS5 only records 4K in 30mbps as opposed to the FS7’s 50mbps.

Capable of super slow motion at 240fps, however this is limited to 18 second bursts.

The camera is available in E-Mount and Sony have said there is no speak of releasing a different mount options, you can use a metabones adapter however and use almost any lens you would like!

Another interesting fact about this camera is the centre of gravity, it has been moved purposefully by Sony, slightly to the left, this causes it to be more comfortable to use in their experience – a nice touch.

The ND Filters on the FS5 are the same as you would find on a PXW-X180

Although the FS5 records 4K internally it is incapable of recording RAW externally, unlike the FS7 where you can add on an XDCA adapter.

Click here for Full product specifications

Check see the specs come to life, see some footage and see the FS5 in action in the videos below!

This truly is a great piece of kit from Sony, the fact it can fit into the palm of you hand makes it a great handheld camera when you take into account the specs. Another very attractive thing about this camera is the price – £4100+VAT ! You can pre order yours now if you think this is the camera for you for a £99 fully refundable deposit.

Keep you eye on the CVP blog as we are currently working to secure a demo unit ASAP to share with you all at another great CVP event!

Have any questions about the FS5? Comment below and we will do our best to get you the answers!

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  1. Hi, I wonder if you could post some photo’s showing the FS5 and FS7 side by side? Ideally two – one with the relevant kit lenses and one with both having the same lens. It is amazingly difficult to get an idea of the relative sizes from shots published so far on the ‘net showing only one of them. I’ve even been thinking of making up some cardboard mock ups! I know, ideally I should come and see you. Bad knees, I regret. Cheers. Bob.

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