WIN WIN WIN – Welcome to the all new Blog!!

We are overwhelmingly happy to welcome you to the ALL NEW BLOG!!

This is a place where you can find all of the latest news/information/reviews and a mixture of other things really!

Now to celebrate the launch of our new blog we have a fantastic competition giveaway running where you can WIN a Zacuto Zonitor ENG Large Kit!

Help us find this great piece of kit a new home!!

Evidence of the prize (currently on my desk) can be seen below;

Just incase you don’t know what this contraption is;

The Zonitor ENG Large mount kit allows you to quick-release a monitor from a Zamerican articulating arm and the arm from the top of your camera. This kit allows you to mount any device with a 1/4 20 inch (or 3/8 16 inch with 1/4 20 inch to 3/8 16 inch adapter) screw hole, such as an external on-board monitor, lights, and/or hard drives, using a Zamerican Arm. The arm is mounted on a Zicromount III that is attached to your cameras handle. The Zicromount III prevents unwinding with the use of the L prongs.

The competition shall run from today, the 3rd September until the 10th September, as the blog will leave for IBC and have plenty of news to update you with daily on the blog.

Here’s how to enter – it really is simple!

Simply tweet out the link to this post tagging us in (@CVPGroup) or leave a comment below telling us what your favourite piece of kit is!!!!!!

Good Luck to all!!

39 replies on “WIN WIN WIN – Welcome to the all new Blog!!”

My favourite bit of kit is definitely my Atomos Ninja Blade – making sure I get fantastic colour quality from my C100.

Now if only I had a better way to mount it to the camera… *hint hint* 🙂

tricky question. Edelkrone focus pro with the marker facing cameraman is great. Three ioFX cards in a RAID means I can play 6k Dpx. Sigma 18-35 f1.8 lens makes me look a lot better at filming than I really am. A3 Wacom Intuos 2 is great, anything smaller and newer is unusable. BMPCC is a pro rig and a holiday filmer in one.
Couldn’t live without HP Z820 though. So glad I finally went PC!
Favourite bit of kit I do not own… Flanders Scientific OLED. When they bring out 4k versions it will finally be time to ditch the CRT grading monitor.

I’d say my “eagle” eyes 😉 No, seriously, my Kiev 16U vintage lenses. It proves that old is still usable and stylish !!!

I’m loving my Sony UWP-D11/K33 package I got recently from CVP – it makes outside interviews so much easier than before – and supports the Rory Peck Trust as well – so a great Win Win!

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