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Zacuto Gratical Electronic Viewfinders: HD vs. X

The Idea

A universal, high quality EVF that embraces modern technology and frees filmmakers to focus on Innovation, Inspiration and Creativity. That was our goal when we set out to create a new electronic viewfinder over three years ago. And now the Gratical HD and Gratical X EVFs are here! Electronic viewfinders are a pivotal tool in any filmmakers bag, providing accessibility, stability, focusability and so much more. The Gratical EVF is universal for all cameras incorporating both HDMI and SDI. Our bright, brilliant optics, FPGA dual core processor, and professional software features give you all the tools you need to stop focusing on your equipment and start creating! With the Gratical HD EVF and Gratical X EVF, you can trust you’re seeing a realistic visualization of your final image. The processing power and sharpness of the Zacuto Gratical electronic viewfinder far surpass all other EVF units on the market.

Sony A7S EVF

(Don’t just take our word for it! Check out the experts reviews for yourself!)

The Models

Zacuto offers two Gratical EVF options; the Gratical HD and the Gratical X.

The Gratical HD is our flagship model. It comes jam packed with a full set of professional features like Vectorscope, Waveform (3D), Histogram, LUT import and creation and much more. (See our full spec chart below.) The HD model also includes free future features in development and firmware upgrades for life.

I have a Sony O-Led EVF on my F5 and it’s pretty good, so I was dubious about just how much of an improvement the Gratical would give me. But I was blown away when I put my eye up to it! Bright, sharp and just brilliant. – Den Lennie, Cinematographer, F-Stop Academy

Gratical HD Product Update from Zacuto on Vimeo.

The Gratical X is perfect for the shooter who wants only a few key features. You start with the same Gratical hardware as the HD model and then customize software to fit your individual needs. Our new “build your own” process allows you to pick and choose from a wide selection of software features to build your own Gratical EVF!

You wanted more options and we listened! We know you want the best optics and display available for critical focus (that’s a given), so that won’t change, but now you can put your creativity to work and build your own software with only the features you want! – Mandy Rogers, Zacuto VP of Sales & Marketing

Gratical X Product Update from Zacuto on Vimeo.

The Same and The Different
Three very important things are the same whether you decide on the Gratical HD or Gratical X EVF – the micro-OLED display, high quality precision optics, and a powerful FPGA dual core processor to host all your features.

Both Gratical models have the same micro-OLED screen. That’s 5.4 million pixels on a 0.61” diagonal screen no bigger than the size of your thumbnail! This EVF supports high pixel density with unparalleled resolution, true blacks, gamma and contrast range. With micro-OLED screens, each pixel is lit individually so that when one is turned off there is true black. This makes for a wider contrast range and more vibrant colors for a vivid, enhanced picture. And with a full display electronic viewfinder resolution of 1280×1024 you know you’re getting the best picture possible. Then add in our -1 to +4 diopter, Zacuto custom glass lens, improved anti-fog coating, auto-closing eyecup, weather resistant HDMI and SDI covers, multiple attachment points, and universal camera compatibility. Rain or shine, DSLR or ALEXA, Zacuto’s got you covered!!

So, what’s the difference? The Gratical HD is a complete fully featured professional EVF with all software features included. The Gratical X comes with only a few integrated features and then allow you to customize from there. Compare in our chart below and select the model that best fits your needs.

Interested in the Gratical HD and Gratical X? They are available to purchase AND demo through CVP!

However you can get Gratical X a la carte software and software bundles with built-in savings available exclusively from the Zacuto Store

Special offers to not be missed when purchasing the Gratical!

Have you picked the one you want? Great! Head on over to the CVP store and place your order. If the Gratical HD has caught your eye, be sure to take advantage of our Next Generation Recoil Rig bundles. When you purchase the Gratical HD you can add a Recoil rig for as low as $200. That’s $1000 in bundle savings! These shoulder mounted (tripod compatible) rigs place the balance point directly over your shoulder, pushing focus and monitoring further forward, creating a lighter and shorter rig. We trust in our Recoil system and know you’ll be thanking us after only one day using our rig and electronic viewfinder combination.

Gratical X users purchasing through CVP can then head to the Zacuto website to register and activate the EVF and get started building a software package. The process is super simple. Check out this quick tutorial from filmmaker Chris explaining the process.

Gratical X Activation Tutorial from Chris Weatherly on Vimeo.

The Gratical HD and Gratical X EVF are compatible with every camera on the market today including the Canon C100 and C100 Mark II, C300, and C300 Mark II, C500, RED Epic, Scarlet, One, Dragon, Sony FS7, F5, F55, DSLRs, ARRI Amira, Alexa, AJA Cion, all Blackmagic cameras and many more.
Find out more about Zacuto at CVP and

Canon C300 EVF

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