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Transvideo StarliteRF review!

Earlier this month at IBC, I stumbled upon Transvideo’s new StarliteRF Monitor. It looks identical to the StarliteHD but has the added feature of a zero delay wireless video receiver built in.

The first thing that impressed me was the overall size of the unit. I’m not too sure about the exact measurements but you can compare it to the diagonal size of an iPhone 6 (not 6+) and a little thinner than a pack of cigarettes. This is very small when considering it is both a monitor and a wireless receiver.


Leica 007 – “Now there’s a name to die for”

Well we couldn’t do a write up on the 007 without adding a James Bond pun, or two…

The Leica S (Typ 007)

For the first time, the combination of the highest burst rate, extreme sensor sensitivity and comprehensive capture modes for still pictures – and now also video in exceptional quality – provides photographers with the opportunity to exploit the superior imaging capabilities of medium format for productions that demand maximum mobility and drive.

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URSA Mini Update from IBC!

We met up with Simon Westland from Blackmagic and spoke to him about all the new developments with the URSA Mini since it was released in April at NAB.

Firstly though we asked the all important question, when are you going to be shipping them?

  • 4K September 2015
  • 4.6K October 2015
  • B4 mount for URSA mini November 2015 – yes a new mount was released! We will talk about this a bit more later on in the blog.
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Sony Announces the PXW-FS5 at IBC 2015

Sony have been teasing us over the past few days by releasing an image suggesting a new item to the Sony line up, on the 8th September they announced it would be called the FS5, and today we finally got a chance to meet it..

Weighing in at a remarkable 0.8kg (body only) this camera is less than half of the FS7! We met up with Darren Thompson-Allott from Sony who answered all of our questions on this great new addition to the Sony Family.

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Hands on with one of the UK’s first Freefly Systems MIMIC

As many of you know, I was one of the early adopters of the Freefly Systems MoVI M10 when it was released in 2013. I remember extending my stay in Amsterdam at IBC to get some one-on-one time with the then unreleased M10. I fell in love with it, and clicked “Buy Now.” It was one of my biggest equipment purchases, especially after I added all the peripheral equipment.


Time flies when you’re having fun…

It’s true what they say; Time flies when you’re having fun. And make no mistake; filmmaking and video production is a heap of fun.

With the next generation of budding filmmakers recently graduated, it suddenly struck me that I started university ten years ago this year. For ten years I’ve been having fun learning my craft, making mistakes, dusting myself off and working at being a better filmmaker. And in that time I am amazed at how much video production has changed, particularly with regard to the accessibility to cinematic production values.


Event – Come and see the difference for yourself…

We have Simeon Quarrie from Vivida and Sam Smith from Canon here to help you find out everything you could want to know and more about the C300 Mk II.

Unlike a regular product demonstration, here you will get the opportunity to test the ins and outs of the Canon C300 MkII like never before.

We will have a bar set up as a ‘subject’ for filming, mixing up some cocktails and drinks, where we will be testing out the C300Vs. the C300 Mk II.


WIN WIN WIN – Welcome to the all new Blog!!

We are overwhelmingly happy to welcome you to the ALL NEW BLOG!!

This is a place where you can find all of the latest news/information/reviews and a mixture of other things really!

Now to celebrate the launch of our new blog we have a fantastic competition giveaway running where you can WIN a Zacuto Zonitor ENG Large Kit!

Help us find this great piece of kit a new home!!


‘Come Fly with Me’ – past event at CVP!

There has been a huge rise in the level of demand for aerial cinematography over the past year, so why shouldn’t you be able to try out the range of aerial products sold at CVP before you buy one?

So at CVP we held three ‘Come Fly with Me’ events allowing demo’s of the DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1!

The events comprised of a talk by Philip Bloom about how he used his DJI products when filming ‘The Wonderlist’ along with Phoenix UAV there to answer any questions about aerial training and certification.


Getting Inspired..

Where does the DJI Inspire 1 fit in a fleet of professional helicams?

Every time a new piece of technology is introduced to the film making world there seems to be a balanced mixture of excitement and sighs. The optimists are excited to see the evolution, however the pessimistic sighs often question the application of use and more often than not raise concerns that the old kit is redundant.

At Out Filming we started dabbling with drones in 2010 and certainly went through a lot of pain in the early days. Getting a camera airborne was the easy part, however chasing the Elysium of stable images was another story. Fast forward to 2015 and many of the issues we faced will never plague the new user.