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CVP’s NABstars of 2012 – #2 – Angenieux ‘ENG style’ servo zoom grip

If you’ve spent time shooting in a ‘one man band’ mode with full size 2/3″ ENG cameras equipped with servo-zoom lenses, then switching to servo-less cine-style zoom lenses can be frustrating because in handheld mode it’s virtually impossible to simultaneously and smoothly adjust zoom and focus.

In recognition of the fact that large sensor cameras are becoming increasingly widely used for shooting in ‘live’ situations where manual zooming is far from ideal, Angenieux have developed a detachable servo zoom handgrip module which can be used on any of their Optimo or Optimo DP zoom lenses to create an ENG style cinema grade servo zoom lens.

This is one of our favourite products of NAB 2012. I

f you have an Optimo lens you want one of these!

Click HERE to view the CVPtv introductory video

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