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CVP’s NABstars of 2012 – #1 – The Zylight F8 LED Fresnel

When it comes to lighting technology the future is undoubtedly LED and at NAB 2012 there was a vast array of LED lighting fixtures on show.

CVP have always been big fans of Zylight’s innovative and versatile Z90 and is3 colour tunable LED lights.  We recently agreed to distribute their products in the UK, yet prior to NAB absolutely no mention was made of any new products.

But when we stopped by their booth we were surprised and blown away when Charlie showed us their new F8 LED fresnel light prototype:

The Zylight F8

The F8 is the world’s thinnest fresnel lighting fixture.  It houses a powerful single LED lighting source which can be fully dimmed either locally via a dial on the back of the lamp, or via WiFi using Zylight’s ZyLink wireless dimmer controllers.

The F8 generates hard shadows with an excellent beam width range.  As the beam width is adjusted towards the spot position the innovative housing is extended with a bellows mechanism to enable a greater distance between the lamp and the fresnel lens, thus narrowing the beam angle.

I’d estimate that the F8 has an output equivalent to a 400W HMI, yet it consumes only a tiny fraction of its power.  It can be powered by 12V battery or mains (using supplied PSU).

The Zylight F8 will be available in either tungsten or daylight colour temperature from September 2012 at a price of around £2,000+VAT.

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