c£1M theft from CVP – PLEASE RE-TWEET!!

We’re disappointed to report that on Friday 17th February 2012 CVP became the victim of one of the industry’s largest thefts when a substantial quantity of cameras, camcorders, lenses and ancillaries with a street value of around £1M was stolen from our warehouse.


  • Sony CBK-VF01 (10)
  • Sony DTF2GY-8240UWD (1)
  • Sony HDVF-20A (6)
  • Sony HKSR-5804 (4)
  • Sony HVR-Z5E (7)
  • Sony HVR-Z7E (5)
  • Sony HXR-NX5E (4)
  • Sony NEX-FS100E/CEH (5)
  • Sony NEX-FS100EK (1)
  • Sony PDW-700//U (2)
  • Sony PMW-EX1R (6)
  • Sony PMW-EX3 (2)
  • Sony PMW-F3L (9)
  • Sony PVM-740 (2)
  • Sony PVM-740.A (9)
  • Sony UVW-1600P (1)
  • Sony UVW-1800P (1)
  • Canon EOS 60D Body (1)
  • Canon EOS 7D Body (6)
  • Canon EOS C300 EF (5)
  • Canon XF100 (1)
  • Canon XF105 (32)
  • Canon XF300 (6)
  • Canon XF305 (34)
  • Canon XH-A1S (5)
  • Sennheiser SKM5200BK-D (1)
If the goods aren’t recovered by the Police then it is very likely that this equipment will end up on the open market.  Therefore to help safegard our customers (and competitors) from the associated risks we have today launched an on-line Stolen Equipment Register where you can easily enter as serial number and ascertain whether it’s been stolen from us or reported as stolen from elsewhere.

Whilst the loss is substantial, we are fortunate to be a large and resourceful organisaton which remains fully operational. Please be assured that the effect on our ability to fulfil orders is minimal as we are already working closely with our key partners to replenish ‘lost’ stock on an accelerated basis.

In the words of Rocky Balboa “It’s not how hard you can hit that counts – It’s how hard you can be hit yet still keep moving forward”

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Publish the serial numbers. It’s the simplest and probably the most effective way to prevent people from buying it.

Thanks James, it’s a bit of a nightmare but fortunately we are strong and our recovery will be very swift with negligible effect on deliveries.

Having been the victim of a burglary where we lost 4 x edit suites and camera kit we really feel for you.

Fingers crossed and hoping that you recover quickly.

Will keep our ears to the ground for you.

Thanks, so do we. Stolen gear is bad for everyone apart from the thieves. Let’s hope the Police have a result for us!

Thanks Mat, we may well give that a try too. In the meantime we’ve just created a new stolen goods database where you can search by serial numbers – There’ll be a mobile version of this too, the idea being that the easier it is to search a serial number the more likely it is that a potential buyer will use it…

Yuck – sorry guys. Hope you either recover as much as possible, or the insurance company doesn’t delay…

Best of luck.

Very distressing news, and I have absolutely no doubt that CVP will rise above this and continue to dazzle us all. Anything the Badger can do, just ask. Can you involve local media – radio & tv – to publicise and raise awareness?

Terrible news guys – We lost £35K of kit in spain to theft recently and I’m just rebuying new replacement kit now.

Hope the insurance is understanding

We have to be very careful with our equipment nowadays even insured.(And that’s if you get it insured)
Hay mucho mangante por ahi suelto.

I heard so many stories of gangs tracking the lorries and getting away with their plan, also, some guy who was keeping his stuff temporary in a warehouse got targeted by the thieves, the insurance never payed him anything since he wasn’t meant to remove all his 50K audio gear from the studio to anywhere else.

The more they take, the more likly they are to get caught (and that is a large list to loose into the market).

Lets hope the police get the leads required to sort it out

Sorry to hear about this guys. If we’re offered anything or hear anything in our region i’ll get straight on the phone to Dave

This would be a great and welcomed anti-theft feature if it could be remotely commanded to transmit its location in the event of theft.

Sorry to hear about this, guys. CVP have been my go-to supplier for years, always friendly and helpful. Hope they catch the buggers who stole the kit! I’ll keep a watch out for dodgy deals and spread the world amongst people I know to do likewise.

It sounds like it must have been a very organised job though- just shifting that number of boxes must have required a substantial van. So hopefully CCTV etc will pick them up?

Anyway, all the best, hope you get the kit back ASAP!

Guys, that sucks big time, and not in the good way.

We’ve notified all our Customers across Europe and are keeping our ears to the ground.

I am so sorry to hear this terrible news Phil. I will inform everyone I know across EMEA about what has happened and hope that the honest, hardworking individuals that make up this industry can help catch those involved.
May I wish CVP a speedy resolution and recovery.

Thanks Tim. We are fortunate that CVP is strong and can deal with the theft without business interruption, however our main concern is to try and mitigate our insurer’s potential losses and increased premiums for our sector by doing whatever we can to aid recovery of the stolen goods. Your help in publicising this is therefore much appreciated.

This is terrible news. Please everybody look and check any kit you are offered. We all know the true cost of this type of kit, and no matter how you look after it, it will need to be serviced at some point. So even if you think you can get away with a purchase now, it will catch up with you further down the line.
Keep fighting guys, and it was good to see you at BVE

Jeez, that’s a lot of kit. sorry to hear that guys! heard that there is quite a bit of it going around in recent years!

I am so sorry to read about this, after what i have read ist it a lot of equipment worth a lot of money, i hope your business Can handle the loss, hope you get it All back!

Best Regards

Morten from Denmark

Thank You Morten. We are insured but of course it is a big inconvenience to have to suffer such a loss. We hope you are well!

that is so awful… I’ve bought some gear from you in the past, great service by the way… I’m sorry for you guys, good luck b vieira

What Luiz said.

Some people aren’t going to enter serial numbers into your db, but they might do a google search. Frankly, if they already purchased it there’s no good reason to check, except to have you guys try to track them down afterwards. It reeks of a trap instead of a public service.

Publish the stolen serial numbers in a linked, plain, easy to digest format for web spiders.

That should be obvious. It’s exactly what Nikon did when their van was stolen.

This is definitely not a trap!! The potential issue with distributing a list of serial numbers is that it’s then available to the criminal network too so they would know which serial numbers need erasing or switching… That in turn could lead to less detection.

Good to see you guys at BxVE and good luck with the restock of the stolen kit. I wonder how much of this stuff will turn up at the Olympics? Does all kit, internal or external, have to be registered with the OBS? Just a thought.

I suspect the kit has all gone to Eastern Europe or beyond, as if it was sold in Western Europe it would be serial number tracked as soon as the customers tried to register their warranties.

I am also a client of CVP and sorry to hear of this attack. The stuff will eventually turn up, I am sure. It might take a while but it will turn up! Not all of it at once but in some strange places….Lets hope your insurance settles quick enough so its their job to hunt down the objects once they appear. 9 F3 ? No way those are going to disappear into oblivion. I would however at some point later give out the serials. Remember: the 1st Epic, stolen in the Alps, turned up @ a rental place in Turkey….

Sad to hear about your loss CVP BUTTTTTTTT. we can lose out as well Like any end user any stolen items are given back to the insurance company via the police . The money given as purchase is lost.

As always its best to go through a proper sony dealer with a receipt The cheap DEL BOY sales on flea bay are best left alone for this reason


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