New Sony zoom lenses for PMW-F3?

We’ve gleaned a bit more information with regard to the specification of the highly anticipated Sony zoom lenses for the PMW-F3 super 35mm camcorder:

It is rumoured that a super wide angle 11-16mm zoom lens with PL mount, an aperture of T3 and a price tag of around £5,000 will be released shortly after NAB. We expect this lens to be manual zoom only.

Later in the year (we’d guess just after IBC in September) we understand that an F mount ENG style 10x (or possibly even 14x) servo zoom lens of 18-180mm (or 18-252mm) will arrive, allowing the F3 to make use of its handgrip mounted zoom roocker and paving the way for its use as a ‘digital film’ camera for serious documentary and corporate use.

Please note that this information is tentative and therefore the exact specification of le production lenses is subject to change.