Snapshot – Sony XDCAM Firmware & Software Applications

As more of our customers migrate to file-based acquisition tools the demands on them to keep their investment up to date is a kin to updating your PC or Mac on a regular basis – whether it be to add new features and functionality or in most cases fix known issues.

Here at CVP we get asked quite regularly “what is the latest and greatest version of firmware and software applications for the XDCAM products?” and “how do I get access to them?”

Whilst, most other suppliers will point you to numerous Sony websites around the world here at CVP you’ll find all of the relevant information in a single location – right here, so bookmark our blog today in order to keep up to date with the latest developments!

Here it is – the latest firmware and software applications for all of the Sony XDCAM products:

Sony XDCAM EX product family


  • PMW-EX1:     V1.26  (May 2011)
  • PMW-EX1R:     V1.20  (May 2011)
  • PMW-EX3:     V1.16  (May 2011)
  • PMW-320L/K:     V1.20  (May 2011)
  • PMW-350L/K:     V1.30  (May 2011)
  • PMW-F3L/K:     V1.10  (June 2011)
  • PMW-500:     V1.11  (August 2011)

Decks & Readers

  • SBAC-US10:     n/a
  • PMW-EX30:     V1.20  (March 2010)

Sony XDCAM SD product family


  • PDW-510P:     V1.60  (January 2009)
  • PDW-530P:     V1.60  (January 2009)

Decks & Readers

  • PDW-D1:     V1.60  (October 2008)
  • PDW-V1:     V1.60  (September 2008)
  • PDW-R1:     V1.60  (November 2008)
  • PDW-1500:     V1.60  (November 2008)

Sony XDCAM HD product family


  • PDW-F330L/K:     V1.99  (April 2010)
  • PDW-F335L/K:     V1.99  (April 2010)
  • PDW-F350L:     V1.99  (April 2010)
  • PDW-F355L:     V1.99  (April 2010)

Decks & Readers

  • PDW-U1:     V2.45  (August 2011)
  • PDW-F30:     V1.99  (April 2010)
  • PDW-F70:     V1.99  (April 2010)
  • PDW-F75:     V1.99  (April 2010)

Sony XDCAM HD422 product family


  • PDW-700:     V1.71  (February 2011)
  • PDW-F800:     V1.71  (February 2011)

Decks & Readers

  • PDW-HR1:     V1.66  (May 2010)
  • PDW-HD1500:     V1.72  (May 2011)
  • PDW-F1600:     V1.72  (May 2011)

Sony XDCAM software applications

Professional Disc & SxS Card Driver

  • Professional Disc FAM (File Access Mode) driver:     V2.3  (March 2010)  PC
  • Professional Disc FAM (File Access Mode) driver:     V2.3.2  (August 2011)  Mac
  • Professional Disc Drive Utility software:     V3.0  (August 2011)  PC/Mac
  • SxS Pro/SxS-1 FAT32 (AVI/MP4) driver:     V1.1.0.0  (October 2010)  PC/Mac
  • SxS Pro/SxS-1 UDF (MXF) driver:     V1.0.1  (May 2011)  PC/Mac

Browse & Log

  • XDB-1 – XDCAM Browser software:     V1.3      (August 2011)  PC/Mac
  • PDZ-VX10 – XDCAM MXF Viewing software:     V2.31  (March 2010)  PC
  • PDZ-1 – XDCAM Proxy Browsing software:     V2.7  (March 2010)  PC
  • XDCAM Clip Browser software:     V2.6  (May 2010)  PC/Mac

Media Transfer

  • PDZK-MA2 – Avid AMA Plug-in:    V1.2  (May 2011)  PC/Mac
  • PDZK-LT1 – XDCAM Log & Transfer Plug-in:     V1.1.0  (March 2010)  Mac
  • PDZK-P1 – XDCAM Transfer Tool software:     V2.12  (May 2010)  Mac

CVP is an approved Sony service centre for all Broadcast and Professional equipment therefore we are able to upgrade your XDCAM products to the latest firmware and provide you with the latest software applications whilst you wait.

Don’t delay and make a booking today – please contact Broadcast Support at CVP on 0208 380 7400 or email us at

* Sony XDCAM firmware and software applications are provided free of charge, however a CVP labour charge may be applicable.