Month: March 2010

Eighteen year old wins McBAFTA

…and he’s lovin’ it! It’s amazing what you can discover just by trawling through the customer database of the UK’s most dynamic broadcast and professional solutions provider. You’d expect to find that the CVP Group supplies kit to many big-name production companies, facilities houses and broadcasters. You’d expect their list of customers to include individuals who you’d recognise as leaders in their fields – top Producers, Directors, DoPs and Editors. But finding that the Group had supplied film-making equipment to an 18 []

Which NLE System should you choose

Thank God for people like Chris Brumwell, that’s what I say. Because when it comes to choosing which edit system is going to be right for you, you need someone that A) knows the various solution options inside out, B) knows the landscape that will determine your constraints, and C) is capable of explaining what is now an amazingly complex subject in a way that mere mortals stand a chance of understanding. Chris is a key member of the sales team at []

Hey Lois, look what I did on my holidays!…

If you’re the kind of guy (or girl) that likes to wear your red pants over your blue tights – if you’re into extraordinary feats of derring-do – or if you’re just into saving the world in spectacular fashion at regular intervals either by defying gravity, or any of the other traditionally accepted laws of science for that matter, the LAST thing you need is a pesky photographer called Jimmy distracting you at the most critical and death-defying point in your heroic []