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Some of the blogs that you read may well be written by members of the CVP team with a passion for all things Cine, Video, Photo – read a bit about them here and find out what their particular interests are!

11154892_921642321190516_518061826211291884_oHannah Baxter

Hannah has worked at CVP for over 5 years and  loves to travel – she is always visiting new places with a camera in hand!

Currently Hannah is on a journey to find the perfect DSLR to suit her needs;

Follow her journey in which she will be sharing her thoughts of different pieces of kit along with the images taken on different cameras.

In addition to this Hannah is also a ‘foodie’, which means she LOVES food, some may think of her as one of those annoying people who must take a photo of all the great thing she eats but we all enjoy it, even Philip Bloom joins in, shocked at the number of burgers she has consumed he has asked her ‘How many will you eat??’ Admittedly her phone is full of food photos, so there may be a few that make it onto her blog – we will see!

Hannah has found that there are so many choices of cameras currently available on the market, and she has many questions she needs answered;

Interchangeable lenses or fixed lens?

Value for money or a top range camera – can she have both in one camera?

Does she want a camera that’s light weight and compact or is she not bothered about the weight and size of a camera?

Not to mention finding out about the key features of each camera, and what will become vital to her wanting from a camera?

With all of these questions and more lets hope she can find a piece of kit that suits her – then the next stop will be video!


blog image CJ

Chloe Baxter

If you’ve attended an event at CVP or sent us a tweet then the chances are you’ve spoken to Chloe. With particular interest in design and technology she is involved in maintaining the communication/social media/events at CVP. Chloe has a particular interest in finding out the latest and greatest products that are landing at CVP, she will be writing articles about the latest gear, specs and finding out all you could want to know about products – part of her job is to attend all the hottest broadcasting shows around the world, so expect news from IBC, BVE, NAB, The Photography Show, BSC and MORE! If you have any questions about kit etc then fire them over to her!

Chloe has a particular love of Leica cameras and is constantly finding excuses to try out our range of Leica demo stock at CVP!

After attending the Rory Peck Awards in 2014 she liaised with Sony and members of CVP resulting in ‘CVP and Sony supporting the Rory Peck Trust 365 days a year’ giving a regular monthly donation to the Trust and becoming one of their major donors, she is responsible for maintaining this relationship and allowing it to grow!