Sony DEV-5K HD recording binoculars
Since the DEV-5K is described as a pair of binoculars

If you’re a Star Wars fan you’ll probably remember the really cool range finder binoculars featured in the original episode IV? Someone fairly senior at the Sony factory must be a big Star Wars fan because now, as part of their mission to turn fantasy into reality Sony have morphed a full HD 3D camcorder into a binocular form factor to create one of the coolest gadgets ever in the form of their new DEV-5K 2D / 3D recording binoculars

Why are we, a broadcast-centric outfit getting excited about these I hear you ask?

Simple: This product Rocks and here’s why:

There are a few low cost professional 3D camcorders around, however none of them feature binocular viewfinders, something that’s what you really need to properly monitor 3D in a point and shoot environment. OK, there are some neat glasses-free LCD displays, but these are generally uncomfortable in sustained use. The DEV-5K is basically a full HD 3D camcorder with binocular electronic viewfinder.

Don’t think of these as a purely optical device like a pair of conventional binoculars because they’re not and in common with every other camcorder the DEV-5K needs batteries to operate. It also has all the features you’d expect from a camcorder including connectivity such as HDMI in / out, external audio input (3.5mm minijack), an accessory shoe etc… This means that you can mount the DEV-5K to a tripod and attach an external monitor for conventional tripod use. In fact you can use it exactly as you would a camcorder should you want to, but in handheld mode you operate it as binoculars – It all makes perfect ergonomic sense!

The other big benefit is STEALTH – No-one’s going to know that you’re shooting video, so you’ll be able to get away with filming in ‘challenging’ environments.

If you’re a keen bird, whale, dolphin, train or plane watcher this is the must-have gadget that will change your world for the better, because now you can both view and  record with a single device.

Add to this the fact that you get fantastic 7MP stills capture, powerful image stabilisation and auto-focus and hopefully you’ll begin to see what the big deal is…

These beauties are set to ship in November 2011 and you can click here for more information.

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